Posted by on October 6, 2018

Learning To Listen

by Annabel Lee

what is real is what I hear when I am
listening and my mind is still and I can
hear you without interrupting you with
my thoughts

speak slowly please I am trying to
listen yet the trying part keeps me
from the listening part

I will stop trying and then I can
relax and just listen to your voice
and the words that you say only I must
be careful not to feel too much about
the sound of your voice because I might
not hear your words but hear your
voice instead and hear the thoughts
the sound of your voice evoke in my mind

and if I am careful I will be busy
with carefulness with concern and with
self consciousness and how will I hear
you then?

speak slowly please
I am learning to listen
and when you help me hear you
what you say is as real for me as it is real
for you

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