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by Alice Notley


Alice Notley is “always imaginative in exploring her thought paths, always generous with sympathies, always writing without regard to prominence.” Allen Ginsberg, Horizon “Alice Notley is in a class of her own and whatever influences she had, she has assimilated them admirably. She is a phenomena.”
– Andrei Codrescu

“Miss Notley is easily the most authentic and effective poet in many years to emerge from the Lower East Side division of what is loosely called ‘the New York School,’ that continuing academy-without-walls of the gritty and the urbane… Small twists with big effects, writerly tricks that tickle and stab, are Miss Notley’s forte, correlatives of a sensibility that shuttles riskily between fantasy and reality, literary dandyism and a daily life of family, friends and money worries.”
– Peter Schjeldahl, The New York Times

“When I Was Alive is a selection of short poems emphasizing her formal casulaism and lyric sense: ‘My friends are each sick of giving me a dollar everyday/& now that I’ve eaten again I can commence to write,/Not caring a fuck about friendship, love, or God/Of which I’m undoubtedly about to sing’.”
– Dennis Cooper, Poetry News

“She is indeed very much a poet of the here and now, and should be broadcast twenty-four hours a day via exclusive satellite, said satellite to be named Ecstacy.”
– Anselm Hollo

“She’s the boss…”
– Robert Creeley (also nominated her for a National Book Award)

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