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by Ted Berrigan

cover by Joe Brainard

ISBN 0-031428-21-1

7 x 5 inches

48 pages


Image from Elaine Benson Gallery, Binghamton, NY

Printed letterpress in an editions of 1,500 copies. Typeface is monotype (hot lead) Gill Sans. Text paper is Caress. Perfectbound. Covers are printed letterpress on Strathmore Fairfield Bristol Velhum.

Ted Berrigan (1934-83) was and remains a legend. His poetry was collected in So Going Around Cities, published by Blue Wind, which includes just about everything except Train Ride, making this book the essential companion volume to it.


“Train Ride, subtitled ‘February 18th, 1971: for Joe (Brainard),’ is a long poem in the tradition of Herodotus, Goethe, Laurence Sterne, Agatha Christie, & Blaise Cendrars — a poem of the travails & pleasures of travel, truly of the late 20th century in that its verbal events are more internal than external: “Out the Window / is / Out to Lunch!!“— one of the results of the development of industrial capitalism initiated by steam engine and rail-way… Thus we have a great deal of hypothetical & remembered fucking, money, friendship — ‘amistad’— and, indeed throughout, witty & precise meditation on the act of writing itself. The persona that emerges is the ‘poet in the state of surprise’ (Apollinaire), a saintly yet human figure, addressing us with wonderful Peruvian frankness: “I’d be a terrific Senator / because I’d love it”… The ‘Our Friends’ section is a marvelous catalog of prominence… One could go on cataloging the delights of the ride: one would be wiser to simply urge all who can run & read to take it, with Ted Berrigan, a Great Companion.”
– Anselm Hollo

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