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by Roberta Allen

illustrations by Roberta Allen

ISBN 0-931428-14-9

7 x 5 inches

128 Pages


Printed offset in an edition of 1,500 by Drukkerij Tulp BV, Zwolle, Holland. Paper is wood-free half-matt machine coated art stock. Typeface is Journal Roman. The edition is all softcover and books are smyth sewn.

Known for her conceptual art of the seventies, Roberta Allen showed with the John Weber Gallery in New York City for nine years. Her work has been widely exhibited since 1967 in galleries and museums across the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Writing fiction is a recent development, but already her stores have appeared in anthologies such as Wild History and magazines such as Bomb and Between C & D which are at the cutting edge of new art and literation


“Think of these 54 fiercely compressed stories as quicksilver dreams in which a single word or gesture is the exact metaphor for the separation between a man and a woman. Think of these stories as koans, or comments on the human condition to which only the response can be a deeper recognition of isolation… The author’s drawings of rooms, courtyards, streets and landscapes are spare and unpeopled, but they portray a world considerably more humane, comforting and, curiously, inhabited than the one described in the stories.”
– Janet Shaw, The New York Times

“She has written a thoroughly enjoyable book, not a word longer than it needs to be – a quick read full of lightening-like emotional illuminations. Her evocation of the feeling of foreign places and the erotic waywardness they inspire is exactly right.”
– Gary Indiana, The Village Voice

“The Traveling Women is a splendid beginning for Roberta Allen.”
– Walter Abish

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