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by Leon de Winter

ISBN 0-931428-15-7

7 1/4 x 5

86 pages

Printed in an edition of 1,200 copies by Krips Repro, Meppel, Holland. Text is set in Baskerville by Kris Pion, Ghent, Belgium. Translated from the Dutch by Scott Rollins, with support from the Foundation for Translation of Dutch Literature. Letter from a Dogcatcher, The Lawyer, The Death of a Pedlar, The Description of a House, and The Waiting Line are taken from the selection of short stories Over de leegte in de wereld, originally published by Uitgeverij In de Knipshceer, Haarlem. On the Story of Friedrich Ganzdorff appeared in Avenue magazine.

Leon de Winter is one of the Netherlands’ youngest writers and of his contemporaries of the only one who can boast of an oeuvre: four novels and a collection of short stories. Born in 1954 of Jewish parents in the Catholic town of ‘s Hertogenbosch (famed for its earlier son, Hieronymus Bosch) De Winter went to Amsterdam in 1974 to study at the Dutch Film Academy. He dropped out after a few years and set up his own film company a long with two friends. To date they have produced a number of television documentaries and three feature films, the latest, Frontiers (starring Angela Winkler), marks his international breakthrough. De Winter wrote the stories in this volume when he was 19 and 20.


“ … reminiscent of Malamud or Issac B. Singer. The atmosphere and characters evoke a powerful tension… Unforgettable.”
– Het Laastse, Brussels

“Leon de Winter shows a talent that is already strong and that promises to be formidable in the future.”
– Vrij Nederland, Amsterdam

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