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by Simon Schuchat

6 x 4 inches

56 pages

500 copies softcover

26 signed and numbered hardcovers

Printed offset at Open Studio Workshop

Typeface: Patina


“Simon Schuchat, being a real poet; his poetry doesn’t tell you stuff: It is consciousness. This is a terrific book.”
– Kathy Acker

“In scale & ambition it is the opposite of petty, which is grand. At this point your reviewer couldn’t be more pleased.”
– Ted Berrigan

“…strictly Mainstream. His is the tradition of the lyric poet, seeming fondly alone when writing, & then when one reads his poems one feels no longer alone.”
– Alice Notley

“One longs to linger, to dally with Schuchat’s work.”
– Susie Timmons

Simon Schuchat is also the author of Svelte (Genesis Grasp, 1971) and Blue Skies (Some of Us Press, 1973) and At Baoshan (Coffehouse Press, 1987). Schuchat served in the Foreign Service for over 25 years and is an East Asia expert.

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