Airmail Postcards

by Franco Beltrametti

Continental 34s

by Annabel Levitt


by Jayne Anne Phillips
cover by Rae Berolzheimer

Fast Lanes

by Jayne Anne Phillips
drawings by Yvonne Jacquette

Give Me Tomorrow

by Carter Ratcliff
illustrations by Alex Katz

Hot & Cold

by Richard Hell

just let me do it

by Michael Lally

Light and Shadow

by Simon Schuchat


by Barbara Guest


by Lazy Madge, Annabel Lee, Douglas Dunn

Smithsonian Depositions & Subject to a Film

by Clark Coolidge

The Day Before Yesterday

by Leon de Winter
cover by Josje Pollmann

The Traveling Woman

by Roberta Allen

Train Ride

by Ted Berrigan
cover by Joe Brainard


by Christoper Knowles

When I Was Alive

by Alice Notley