Annabel Lee

Simon Pettet, Michael Lally and Annabel Lee

Annunciation at St. Mark’s

Publisher, editor, proofreader, writer, educator, musician, mom, Annabel Lee is an innovative and highly motivated professional with extensive experience in publishing, marketing and advertising. She also sits on The Board of Directors of St. Mark’s Church Poetry Project. A global thinker with a broad-based knowledge, she is proficient in initiating projects, handling design and production, negotiating, managing staff, maintaining progress, quality control and in sales and marketing. She is an editor for Havas Health. Formerly, she was the Executive Director of Marketing for Terra Holdings (Brown Harris Stevens, Halstead Property Company, as well as other divisions) and served as Production Manager for Aperture Foundation. A premier communicator with an expertise in teaching practical skills she brings a diversified background to all of her endeavors. A former travel agent, she has traveled extensively, done French language translations and studied German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. She has exhibited as a collage artist and watercolorist and has taught workshops in book and paper crafts. In music she is living a legacy, having learned a repertoire of songs from her aunt, Hally Wood, who learned those songs in many cases first hand while doing field recordings for the Library of Congress. Annabel Lee has taken up the challenge of bringing these songs to a wider audience by performing them in many venues on guitar and singing, usually with other musicians. At college she majored in writing and literature. Her grounding in the language arts contributed to her successes in the publishing industry and as a published writer. Her poetry and prose have been published in over 50 publications.

Vehicle Editions

Vehicle Editions was founded in 1976 by Annabel Levitt. Annabel Lee (she married the Lee in 1988) brings diverse experience to her role as publisher. A printer (letterpress and offset), hand bookbinder, teacher of book crafts, bookkeeper, phototypesetter, monotype typesetter, hand typesetter and writer, she has worked for many other publishers (including responsibilities as Managing Editor and as Production Manager) and she has worked extensively with art book publishers on behalf of European printers. The publisher thus has had full involvement with the artistic, technical, literary and business aspects of the company. The authors of Vehicle Editions, including Jayne Anne Phillips, Ted Berrigan, Christopher Knowles and Roberta Allen, share an intensive and intimate relationship with language itself. Authors, artists, craftspeople and the publisher have worked in close association, collaborating on format, production and editorial decisions, to ensure that the format of each book reflects its contents. The attempt has always been made that the book’s exterior be an expression of its interior. For this reason, Vehicle Editions do not often resemble each other. Editions range from 100 to 5000 copies depending on production methods and intent. Vehicle Editions has employed commercial printers and binders for some titles, and for others all work was done by hand at the kitchen table.